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New Coroplast Set

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Set Design

We’ve had a lot of people asking about how we did our coroplast wall at Pantego Bible Church. So here is what we did at Pantego. The original idea came from a website, here’s the link. After studying the design I actually decided to expand on it. I decided to make our wall moveable so we could make two completely different looks on stage. During the message we can close the upstage wall to make a clean look for the message part of the service.

ADC 280 Silent Track

The first thing we did was move our ADC  280 silent track from our upstage position to downstage just shy of our proscenium. We bought two new master carriers to support the weight of the walls. Originally I was going to weld some 1/4 threaded rod to the master carriers to support the wall but the clearance was so close I just quick linked some eye bolts to the carriers themselves. The next step was to build the wall frame. We did standard 4×8 Hollywood style flats with a center support.

Looking up at the 4x8 frames

Once we got the wall up and in place we cut 1×2 into 8 inch pieces. This becomes my supports to offset the coroplast. We used natural clear coroplast that we got in 4×8 sheets. We cut the coroplast down to 2×4 panels.

Front View of the hard legs being built.

With the moving wall we started from the bottom making sure to keep it level. We found out that if she was not level at the bottom by the time you got to the top it was horrible. We used t50 3/4 inch staples to attach the panels to the 1×4 frame. On the moving wall we tried to use just one of the 8 inch supports to get our offset but that really didn’t give the wall enough support. The dimensions of the hard legs were different from the wall. The wall turned out to be two sections that were 12×16 feet for a total of 24 feet of moving wall. To mask the rest we made two hard legs that were 7 feet wide. This gave us enough masking to hide lights as well as give the moving wall enough room to open up and reveal the drums.

Another good look at the front.

The whole set took about a week to build with two people at first then the last two days we had about 5 volunteers helping. I have it lit with four trackspots from the top, eight LED bricks from the bottom and two ETC S4 with twin spins from the rear. I truly would love to have some Colorblaze’s on boom bases as sidelight to get more shadows on the upstage wall but unfortunately I’m using everything I own right now. Here’s some pics of the wall being used on Good Friday and Easter.

Good Friday

Good Friday Service.

Easter Service

The finished wall at the Easter Service 2012.

I will add some pictures later of the wall open with the drum kit behind it.  As well some of you asked where I got the templates for Good Friday. Well I actually designed them myself. Here’s a good pic of it as well as my rendition of it that I sent to Rosco to have made.

Crown of Thorns

Thorns Template

Good Friday Thorns.


Hello and Welcome!!!

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Welcome

Scott Davis

Scott Davis on stage in Toronto.

I just want to take a second to welcome you to my blog.  I am hoping that this becomes a great tool for young designers to learn some things from us old farts who still work our tails off doing the things we love to do!!!